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We have over 40,000 songs from the 1950’s all the way up to todays chart topping hits. All of our music is clean and ready for any event. Every event is unique, so we build a custom playlist based on your style to guarantee that all of your guest have a great time.

The mobile entertainment industry is constantly changing, but many of the DJs have failed to keep up. We not only have all of the latest DJ tools to assist in putting on a great show, we also live mix our music to provide an entertaining atmosphere for your guest.


We like to think of ourselves as being the perfect mix between a club style DJ and a mobile DJ. Most mobile/wedding DJs are excellent at directing events, but when it comes to the actual party aspect of an event they are as useful as an MP3 player. They usually cannot mix the music properly and their attention during the dancing portion of an event seems more focused on giving instructions rather-than letting people have a good time on the dance-floor. On the other hand a club DJ is usually very good at mixing and selecting the music, but they normally do not understand the dynamics of a wedding and how to properly MC and manage the timeline.

Our DJ's and MC's make it easy. With us you will not only know the difference.


The Mix below is an example of what you can expect in-terms of mixing and flow of music. The genre of music will vary based on your personal preferences and selections.

Wedding Mix by tory-tlora